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Peribuccal wrinkles appear around the lips as a result of ageing, a lack of hydration and the day-to-day gestures and expressions that we make when employing the orbicular and labial angular-depressor muscle group. This leads to the typical chap-marks to the lip contour line.


Neuromodulation is a neurotoxin that produces a muscular relaxation of the face on application, thereby making any facial gesture wrinkles disappear. This also mitigates the depth of any permanent wrinkles that have become a fixture on the face due to natural ageing.


This procedure repositions the volume that may be lacking in the chin and gives the facial oval shape more pronounced angles. Results remain for an 18-month period. The treatment is completely safe and allows for a high degree of tightening of the skin to prevent facial sagging.


This is a purely cosmetic treatment that involves specifically-localised touch ups with hyaluronic acid on the nose, making it visually more aesthetic and without having to recur to a surgical procedure.


Moisturising and redensifying the dermis is a treatment that is designed to replenish the skin deeply and redensify the dermis by revitalising the skin and increasing its glow. The treatment also forestalls ageing and brings the skin back to life again with renewed radiance.


Carboxitherapy involves infiltrating the skin with minute quantities of carbon dioxide by means of small injections. The treatment has been proven to help facial rejuvenation, especially combating bags under the eyes, due to the fact that it boosts the production of collagen and elastic fibre.


This cosmetic procedure can be diagnosed for the condition known as reticular – or lesser calibre – varicose veins. We use a technique with Etoxisclerol, a clotting agent, together with a micro foam. The treatment is completely painless, with only a slight tingling sensation upon infiltration.


Today, this is one of the highest-demanded treatments in the field of cosmetic medicine. We can achieve a complete rejuvenation of the lips by the simple procedure of applying hyaluronic acid, but always at the hands of our expert professionals.


This treatment involves applying electro-magnetic waves to the skin, which induces a controlled warming up of the layers of the dermis to encourage the generation of fresh collagen, help lymphatic drainage, and improve the circulation of the skin and sub-cutaneous tissues.


There are several procedures to recover the volume of the cheeks. In the field of medical cosmetics, this usually involves a filler and – specifically for this area of the face – hyaluronic acid, which produces a facelift effect thanks to volume replacement, giving a much more youthful, sensual appearance as a result.


This treatment gives a greater radiance to the face and a lasting, flash-type revitalised skin. The procedure can be carried out at any time of year, due to the fact that it does not have a photo-sensitising effect, and it is suitable for all skin types.


This treatment allows us to reshape the buttocks without surgery. We can gain greater skin turgor to the gluteal area through dermal filler, as well as enhancing curves and/or correcting asymmetry, sunken areas, scarring and even improve dimples.