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At our dental clinic in Algeciras, we look after the smiles of our youngest patients. We offer both preventive and curative treatments from the earliest of infants to teenagers. We are certified by the Andalusian Government as a recommended children’s dentists in Algeciras.

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Dental treatment for children in Algeciras.

Our children’s dentist in Algeciras is the one who undertakes their dental treatment, the most frequent at our clinic being accidents and tooth decay that are so common among this age group.


According to the main Dentistry Societies, children are recommended to visit their children’s dentist when all of their deciduous teeth (also called “baby” or “primary” teeth) have all come through. This usually occurs between the ages of 2 and 3.

¿Do my children really need to go to the dentist: their baby teeth are going to fall out anyway?

Your children should visit their dentist from the moment their baby teeth come through. It is not because there is anything wrong: it is so that we can make dental check-ups become a part of their lifestyle, to make it a routine habit that does not cause any distress.

Moreover, if they visit at an early age, parents also get to know more about the hygiene and diet of their children to avoid tooth decay. If we wait until our child has a sore tooth, it may already be too late for treatment and they may even lose the tooth, which might prejudice their set of teeth permanently.

It is much better to prevent, learn about the correct way to care for your teeth from an early age and avoid tooth decay. Baby molars come through at around two years and do not fall out until 10-12 years. It is therefore very common to think that “baby teeth are going to fall out anyway” and so delay dental check-ups until this starts to cause problems that are difficult to repair because the damage has already been done.

Issues such as the correct growth of your children’s face or the bones in their mouth are things that can be detected at an early age and can be corrected – such as a narrow palate that may require permanent tooth extractions for other teeth to have room to grow into.

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