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The first option is always conservation of the teeth and avoiding extraction. The dentists at our clinic in Algeciras apply techniques to eliminate tooth decay and so conserve dental aesthetics; only if absolutely necessary do we perform root canal procedures.

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Conservative dentistry specialists in Algeciras.

Dental cleaning

The dentists at our clinic in Algeciras recommend dental cleaning as the most effective way of maintaining sound dental hygiene and achieving a healthy, beautiful mouth.

What exactly is dental cleaning?
Dental cleaning is the elimination of bacteria in the form of plaque that has adhered to the tooth’s surface by means of an ultrasound tip. Sometimes, it may be necessary to use bicarbonate to eliminate certain stains. The process is completed by polishing the surface of your teeth with a prophylactic paste and, finally, a chlorhexidine mouthwash is used to disinfect your mouth.

How often should my teeth be professionally cleaned?
This will depend on each patient: it is preferable for one of the dentists at our clinic in Algeciras to suggest treatment on a patient-to-patient basis individually.

Filling and tooth decay elimination in Algeciras

Fillings are required when tooth decay has set in. Tooth decay appears because of a wide range of factors and is characterised by the destruction of the dental tissue due to exposure to acids from bacterial plaque. Tooth decay can lead to teeth being sensitive, being painful when chewing, or may even cause no discomfort at all. This last reason is why you should not wait for a check-up until a tooth starts to hurt.

As tooth decay sometimes causes no discomfort, you decide to take no action and may let it get worse. Detecting tooth decay needs an expert eye, because not all tooth decay manifests itself by the typical dark stain. Complementary X-ray techniques are also required to complete diagnosis.

Endodontic specialists in Algeciras

An endodontic – or “root canal” – procedure – commonly known as “killing the nerve” of the tooth – can be undertaken when the tooth has become infected by tooth decay, or affected by trauma or wear and tear. A root canal procedure does not have to be painful, as it is performed under local anaesthetic. Following the procedure, slight discomfort may be felt, but this can be alleviated with simple painkillers.

The treatment consists of the elimination of the nerve, the disinfection and shaping of the nerve canal and, finally, the filling of the canal itself. Traditionally, this had always been a very long, arduous procedure, using a number of files, and considered a very unpleasant procedure for the patient.

However, at our clinic, the professionals work with state-of-the-art technology and automated endodontic procedures to reduce the time-frame and ensure the comfort of our patients.

Due to the fact that a root canal procedure will weaken the tooth in question, our professionals recommend fitting a metal, porcelain or zirconium crown to the affected tooth to avoid fracturing it and to be able to conserve it for many years to come.

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