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At our clinic in Algeciras, we can apply a range of teeth whitening treatments that will improve the colour and appearance of your teeth – please ask our dentists. This is one of the treatments with the highest demand among our patients at our clinic in Algeciras.

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Teeth whitening specialists in Algeciras.

A great smile is a symptom of healthy teeth and general well-being and is something that is vital for your image. More and more patients are concerned, not only with having a healthy mouth, but also having a beautiful smile. We can combine several treatments to design a perfect smile for you.

Teeth Whitening

In time, the enamel of your teeth gets darker and becomes yellow. You can recover their original whiteness thanks to our teeth whitening treatments. Such treatment does not imply any additional wear and tear (or pain) to your teeth. The results can be appreciated in a very short time.

Dental Veneers

Maybe you do not feel happy with the appearance or shape of your teeth. Sometimes the solution can be found in dental veneers that are made out of a composite or enamel material. Hand-made composite veneers can be added to your teeth in a more traditional way, whereas enamel veneers adhere to the surface of your teeth like a thin film, and both substantially enhance the appearance and colour of your teeth.

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