implantes dentales


At our dental clinic in Algeciras, we apply the latest implantology advances and techniques, so that you can chew and bite again as you did before with absolute normality.

implantes dentales

Dental implant specialists in Algeciras.

Clinica Dental Avanzada is a benchmark dentistry centre in Algeciras in terms of implantology.

Our team of dentists relies on long experience and ample training in dental implants. We have all the technological equipment required to achieve the best possible results to the benefit of quality service and patient satisfaction.

Dental implantology has developed substantially over recent years. At present, the latest techniques have revolutionised methods to restore missing teeth: techniques that we apply at our dental clinic in Algeciras.

¿What is a dental implant and how does it work?

Dental implants are metallic elements made out of bio-compatible titanium that are fitted into the jawbone under the gums. Once placed within the bone they act as a substitute for the missing tooth.

At present, oral implantology is the most advanced and longest-lasting solution for missing teeth.

Depending on the number of prostheses that your set of teeth needs, you may require one or several visits to our clinic to undergo a satisfactory treatment. Once we insert the implants, you should return to our clinic to check up on the healing process.

The insertion of implants is a simple, painless process that allows you to regain the proper working order of your teeth again, as well as enhancing your image and self-confidence.

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