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Should the damage to a tooth be completely irreparable, the last resort should be an extraction, a painless procedure that gives little inconvenience. The most common surgery technique is a wisdom tooth extraction – if you require more information please ask one of our dentists at our clinic in Algeciras.

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Oral surgery specialists in Algeciras

At our dental clinic in Algeciras, our team of dentists can undertake any type of extraction or oral surgery, specialities focused on the treatment of diseases, tooth defects in the jawbone and of adjacent soft tissue.

Oral surgery comprises all the surgical disorders related to the mouth and teeth. In the great majority of cases, oral surgery is a procedure that can be performed under local anaesthetic. Despite the fact that most procedures can be undertaken on the dentist’s chair, complications may arise that require the necessary training for such occasions, and the professionals at our dental clinic are all expert surgeons.

The wide field of oral surgery includes the following procedures: dental impaction, periodontal surgery, odontogenic infections, pre-malignant lesions and the treatment of intraoral lesions to soft tissue.

¿When is it necessary to take a wisdom tooth out?

The most frequent reason for extracting third molars – or “wisdom teeth” – is the lack of space in the jawbone for the teeth to come through correctly. Other reasons could include an irregular orientation of a wisdom tooth that could damage a neighbouring tooth, or dental crowding.

The emergence of wisdom teeth can also sometimes cause swelling of the gums due to an incomplete dental eruption of a wisdom tooth, and that could lead to a chronic infection of the surrounding gums.

La aparición de las muelas del juicio también puede causar problemas de inflamación en la encía debido a una erupción incompleta de los cordales, que puede provocar una infección crónica en la encía circundate

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